reunited... and it feels so good

10yr high school reunion was this past weekend. so strange yet pretty cool. it's like going into a time warp or something. there were people that i have seen since but running into those that i haven't technically seen since graduation was crazy. as i was going through some of the pictures i noticed people there that i didn't get to see. i guess i didn't mingle enough but definitely did reconnect with old friends.

my biggest fear was that no one would remember who i was. i guess i should have been more worried about remembering people. my memory isn't as good as i once thought. there were a couple people that just seemed completely unapproachable, i kept thinking... why did you even come if you're going to be all 'i'm too good for you' just strange!

now let's talk about all the 'anti-reunion' nonsense that was going around on Facebook. Seriously?? did you hate high school so much that seeing these people will make your life sooo absolutely horrible again? Get over it!! people grow up and aren't as retarded as they once were, and if they are... well obviously they are the biggest loser of all time!

there were a couple people i was really looking forward to seeing but they didn't make it... here's hoping our paths cross at some point in the future because i truly miss these people (and i can't find them on FB or Myspace)


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