Trip to the ER

what is happening to my body?!?! i feel as though i have no control of what my body is going through.

a couple nights ago i had a bit of a scare and the hubby quickly took me to the ER at 1am. you definitely don't expect to see blood while you're pregnant so of course i start to freak out. all i want to know is what is going on, is the baby ok, what did i do?

yes, i assumed i did something wrong. sure i've been working a lot lately and i've been told to take it easy but with deadlines on these projects i did begin to stress.

they did an ultrasound and told me that all was well with baby, good heartbeat and no problems that they could see. i was told to relax and get some rest, mostly in bed and not to get out if i didn't need to until i see my OBGYN.

i had to make a couple of phone calls about the projects i would not be finishing and saddened by the money i would not be making. we really need some cash flow these days :( i know now that nothing is more important than the health and safety of my baby. so i have to do whats best and that is stay in bed. so here i am, in bed watching a lot of tv, and updating my blog.

hi to everyone who reads this :)

they couldn't find an explanation to why i started bleeding but for now all things seem to be good.


D said…
ok, so apparently my RSS feed for your blog was broken and I missed the last few posts... so

2) I'm happy you're well and that the trip to the ER was nothing more than just a scare.

Casey :) said…
Oh no! How scary. I'm so glad you and the baby are ok!

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