bra fiasco

let me start by saying i've always hated bra shopping. i never ever ever find the right fit for me. about two years ago i did find a bra that was absolutely fabulous in fit, comfort, and it looked just fab under my clothes!
So now i'm looking to upgrade because being preggo obviously makes things grow much bigger than expected. i found the model number and started searching the web and to my disappointment... they have discontinued this style. WTF!!!!! why? it was the best bra i've ever owned in my entire 16yrs of wearing bras, hmpf!

now i have a bigger problem here. i'm already starting off in a larger size than average so finding an even bigger bra while i'm pregnant/nursing has proven to be a challenge. i went to the maternity store and they only seem to go up to a 38E(38DD) in supportive non sports bra type bras. ok here is the problem, i need at least the next band size or two up from that and add and much larger cup size. this is where the word fiasco comes into play. it's the worst thing in the world to go into stores that could accommodate me but do i really have to pay that much to get one freakin' bra??

i definitely don't want to spend the rest of my months in a sports bra with a uniboob. my other option is buying an old granny bra with a million seams in it that make my boobs look like missiles of some kind. That's a big NO THANK YOU!

am i just being too picky? i finally went to good old Sears and found a big mama bra that is minimally seamed and it seems to fit ok for now. oh how i dread shopping for bras!!


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