hello there neighbors

How to deal with neighbors?

i ask this question because i don't want to seem like a total d-bag but we're havings some issues. i'm sure we're not the only ones either. we've lived here for almost 3years now and every time it gets windy we hear the neighbors vents on the top of their house squeal like crazy. all day and night long when we have this crazy windy weather. its bad enough i get my allergies full force but then having to hear that sound that never seems to go away!!

how do i nicely ask them to fix their house so we can continue getting rest?! i've wanted to go over there in the past and just tell them but Brian is quick to stop me. he thinks i overreact and people take it the wrong way. i'm not a mean person, at least i don't think i am. i just can't take that noise anymore.

what do i do?


Casey :) said…
Do you live in a Condo or an apt? If you do, I wonder is there some type of management you can "complain" to and they can take care of it for you?
Marci said…
we live in a townhouse that has an association but the neighbors are in a single house that aren't part of the association.
D said…
maybe you can contact the association and have them meddle instead of you. Totally passive aggressive... you know, my style. :)

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