nursery style

I have been looking around for ideas on how to decorate the baby's room. Since we're not finding out the sex of the baby (more on that another time) we want to keep it pretty neutral and colorful. I stumbled across this picture on on Design Dazzle

We already painted the room a similar blue tone and while looking around I knew I wanted some colorful decor. Just Look At That Chair!!! I want want want :)
From reading, it says its a slip cover. I have yet to find any rocker/glider in that color (i'm willing to save that custom order money) so I might just do it myself!
On the bright side, we did find some colorful bedding and it's just, well... perfect :)

I'm still on the hunt for more creative yet inexpensive ways to decorate.


Casey :) said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE that nursery picture!

And btw, I think thats awesome your holding off on finding out the sex. My husband and I have the same agreement for when we get pregnant. :)

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