on work, feeling better, and baby feet

i went in to see my doctor and indeed i did have a throat infection. one Zpak later im doing good! the hubby was sick too and it turns out he caught what i did and had to take a round of antibiotics as well. thank the heavens for that!!!!

now i'm back to work and just in time for our tech/dress rehearsal schedule. long hours, long long long hours. we are currently working on a production of West Side Story. we open on Friday and am so pleased about it. it hasn't been a terribly difficult show just time consuming hence not blogging for over a week :) i will be starting on the next show shortly after and will be going going gone until mid May. i will then get the summer off to enjoy giving birth and spending time with my little one wooohoo!

speaking of little one, check out my baby's footprint (tilt your head to the left)...

so in love with this kid!!!


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