Cloth or Disposable... the big debate

i've been doing some research and asking friends who are already moms. i want to get a first hand experience of cloth diapers. what it all comes down to is saving some money... well at least from my point of view. it would be great to help the environment while i'm at it right? right!

we've been looking over our budget and with me only working part-time at the moment, it doesn't leave us with much extra money. kids are expensive but i'm sure you already knew that. once i have the baby, i will be able to stay home for about 6 weeks (if the baby arrives on time) before i have to go back to work (still only part-time) so i've been asking Brian if he feels comfortable working with cloth diapers. he basically told me whatever decision i wanted to make he would fully support it.

so i started looking into cost for cloth diapers and i figured i'd need the following things:

-cloth diapers/diaper pads
-diaper covers
-diaper sprayer
(looking into bumGenuis brand for versatility and variety)

what's great about this is that we wouldn't have to worry about buying disposables. that's when i came across the problem of babysitting. if my parents or inlaws were to babysit for us, would they be comfortable with our method of diapering? so i figured we would most likely buy some disposables for certain situations. there is also an option for diaper service but i worry that the cost for that will also be a bit pricey.

a friend of mine who has a 1yr old suggested gDiaper. it basically has the style of a cloth diaper with the versatility of a disposable without the landfill repercussions. you can even flush the diaper pad down the toilet or just toss it... it' that biodegradable. i'm very much looking into these as well, currently out of stock with certain items i will have to wait and see if they are available before the baby is born.

i'm really excited about this and i'm hoping that we'll figure what will work best for us and the baby.


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