One Year

this video is by a girl named Kiera Cass. i started watching her videos around summer of 2008 and loved her humor and way of thinking. at the beginning of 2009 she set out a big list of resolutions for herself and did a pretty good job of getting things done. one of them i clearly remember as 'Getting Knocked Up'... she had mentioned she was married for 5yrs and no babies yet. this made me think of me and had me thinking it would be cool if i could set that as a resolution for 2009 to 'Get Knocked Up'
funny how things happen :)

i present to you a video that made me cry when i watched it, the one year anniversary of Kiera finding out she was pregnant

i can't wait to meet my baby...


Casey :) said…
TOTALLY made me cry as well! I love her!

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