why we don't wanna know

i know i know... it makes planning much more difficult. trust me i know, i'm very much a planner and list maker.

before i was pregnant brian and i had talked about finding out the sex of the baby if/when we'd have one. the consensus was we wouldn't find out but now that its the real deal it has been a toss up. he finally decided to put it in my hands to make the final decision when we got to the ultrasound portion of our doctors visits. i decided "i don't want to know" and if you could have only seen the face that my dear husband made... he was hoping i'd just go for it. sorry hubby! at least i know that he backs me up either way

sure we've been given the ol' wives tale signs of what we might be having but you can never be 100% accurate, not even ultrasounds are that accurate. i find it exciting to keep this a surprise and it keeps me daydreaming of my baby without limitations. there is definitely something about it that makes me connected to my baby in a way that keeps me guessing about their personality or even what this little bubba might look like. i constantly get that butterfly feeling just thinking about it.

"Little Bubba" that's what we call our baby. i have little talks with 'bubbs' all the time. bubbs has definitely let dad know what's up with a little kick or nudge here and there.
i just can't wait for that moment of truth at delivery when we finally find out that we have the most amazingly, beautiful child with the best surprise of the best gift i ever could have dreamed.

worst question so far is
: what would you Rather have a boy, or girl?

seriously... i would want to have a healthy baby period. i'm not too picky and would be absolutely ecstatic for a boy or a girl.

also, if we buy the basic items we need for the baby in neutral colors they will be usable again for the babies to come!

i did promise brian that all future kids, we'd find out what we're having. not such a bad deal for keeping this one a surprise!


Casey :) said…
This is exactly my thoughts on this! I think we even talked about it once at a TM lunch before. I had seen this idea of having a gender reveal party, BUT, and its such a cute idea, I dont know though, I still love the idea of finding out when I give birth. I think its awesome you stuck it out and decided to wait!

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