i ain't no bird but....

apparently i'm in nesting mode and have begun turning the house upside down. what i've done in the last 2 weeks:

* washed all our laundry, towels, sheets and duvet covers/comforters
* cleaned and disinfected all the bathrooms, tubs, toilets, showers
* sorted and organized our closets and pulled out 3 bags worth of clothing to
* organized the office/sewing room (meanwhile finishing started projects like
hemming my husbands pants that have been there for a few months, woops)
* deep cleaned the kitchen and tossed out all the old stuff from the pantry

... and this weekend started off with a bang... putting the baby's crib together. i have been waiting for this because we still didn't have a mattress but with gift cards from my first shower we purchased one.

this was followed by cleaning and organizing the entire garage and both of our cars. as far as moving all those boxes and containers, i basically directed the hubby as to where i wanted everything. but boy did i sort through a bunch of crap that needed to be trashed like 5yrs ago!!

not gonna lie, my back is hurting me and my legs are a bit sore but the feeling of accomplishing so much is totally worth it.


Casey :) said…
Wow, awesome job! :)
Anonymous said…
Way to go...I don't think I ever got that much done in one week once I was in my third trimester! Isn't it such a great feeling to get things wrapped up though?
Marci said…
i have this total sense of urgency to get things done... but now i can sit back and not worry so much about the house being a disorganized mess.

it feels amazing!

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