my first world problems

Max Factor, the world famous makeup company has recently decided to discontinue selling their products in the United States. yes, this is sad but it makes me even sadder. i have been using their 2000 Calorie Mascara for the last 5yrs and haven't found anything that compares (especially for that price, under $10) it makes my lashes look long, thick, and beautiful. also, it doesn't smudge or flake and is so easy to remove at the end of the day. it leaves me free from raccoon eye.

i've searched and searched and have only found it on Amazon and Ebay... the asking price is anywhere from $15-25. sure this is more than i want to spend especially after factoring shipping and taxes.

welp, i just bought some off of Ebay, i paid $30.90 (shipping included) for 2 tubes of mascara. BUT, that's not all... one of my friends is currently in Europe for a week and i emailed her to buy me 2 more tubes of mascara. this would last me at least 1yr until i find a new brand that works just as nice or know someone else traveling abroad that would do me a solid favor.

What sucks is that Max Factor makes no apologies for this or gives any other options other than to buy from their sister company CoverGirl. seriously CG??? i'm not that desperate. they should have an online shop only in the US so that we could continue to buy. OH FRUSTRATION!!!

ps. my friend found it for $16 in Sweden, not too bad :)


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