Weighing In: 29 Weeks

i had my latest doctor’s appointment and of course the dreaded weigh in. i’ve lost 2lbs in the last to weeks. how does this happen?? i stopped eating donuts and drinking carbonated drinks and have been sticking to my protein/veggie/fruits/whole grains and there you go! {and trust me, i’m eating like there is no tomorrow}

the doctor said it’s fine, weight always fluctuates with eating and such so yeah… total weight gain this pregnancy thus far is 14lbs

so not to brag or anything, i was at my birthing class last night and one of the girls said “you’re still able to wear your wedding ring??? i’m so jealous”

yup my wedding ring still fits, actually its still a little loose. this might not last long so i’m enjoying it while it lasts.

i’m down to the final 10weeks… can’t wait to meet my baby!


Casey :) said…
Your pregnancy seems to be flying by! I'm so excited for you!

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