i get by with a little help from my friends

i received a package in the mail the other day with no name of who sent it... so i began to open it and read the card that was on top. A gift from all of my ex coworkers/friends. it's been a tough year, scratch that make that 2 years with trying to find full time work, and it was wonderful to see all of my friends put something together for me. these are all women from different jobs i've had in the last 5 years that have come together to make me a wonderfully beautiful quilt. these talented ladies made me cry when i opened up the package to see how well they had captured my personality in a quilt made for my baby only to shortly make me laugh with the inside jokes that come along with it.

i really miss working with these friends on a daily basis doing what i love to do, making amazing clothing, crafts, and art all while getting paid to do so. hopefully soon, i will make my way back to doing what i love for work, hopefully soon :)

{click through to see a larger version of the quilt}


D said…
wow! how thoughtful and sweet! a very cute quilt too.

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