stretch marks

lets talk about these for a quick minute…

The Past: the first stretch marks i ever saw were those on my boobs from puberty (age 12-14)… ok sure no problem because i didn’t mind my boobs growing i was just glad the marks eventually faded. i didn’t worry too much about them until this growth spurt i had at around age 19 and by growth spurt i mean i gained the most amount of weight EVER. some people like to call this the “freshman 15” i like to call it the “freshman and sophomore 40” locations of such stretch marks included:

* stomach
* thighs
* butt
* calves
* hips
* arms

i hid most of them behind clothing obviously… stopped wearing shorts, sleeveless tops, etc. my skin does not have much elasticity so some of these stretch marks were worse than others, specifically my arms. no amount of fading will make those disappear. Fast Forward to the present…

The Present:
i was nursing bra shopping with my mom and she happened to see these stretch marks for the first time and freaked. she had no idea how bad they were. she noticed awhile back i stopped wearing tanks/sleeveless tops and didn’t really know about it until now. trust me it’s pretty bad.

now with the pregnancy i’ve been really watching out making sure i don’t get too many on my belly. i have some but *knock on wood* they aren’t too bad however, this never stops me from being sad about it all.

you can lose as much weight as you want but nothing ever takes these marks away, they are forever on your body. they fade but never really disappear. sometimes i just wish i hadn’t gained all that weight and stretched my body so much.


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