one week in the hospital

shortly after Enzo was born we were told that he might have an infection of some kind. he was born with a bit of a fever and from what they say, babies rarely are born with a fever and nothing is wrong with them. so they proceeded with tests, blood work, xrays, etc. my poor little bubba was crying so much from all the poking and prodding that his voice went hoarse. it made me cry to see him in such pain and it made Brian quite angry that the nurses and lab techs did these things without a care. (sure they cared but they are so used to doing this, they tend to move quicker)

anyhow, after they took blood cultures they came back negative for infection so we were in the clear, or so we thought. the pediatrician told us that he didn't feel right about letting him go knowing something could be there that they hadn't quite caught yet. so they told us he needed a full dose of antibiotics. this meant 7 days in the hospital for him. while I was being discharged he was being admitted. this was tough.

we felt horrible about having our newborn in the nursery all alone (in this baby friendly hospital where babies stay in mom's room not the nursery) with an IV port with antibiotics. he was just so tiny it was hard to watch.

i had to be in there every three hours to breastfeed him and continue to pump so he could get his jaundice out. so we hung out in the waiting room throughout the day until feeding time. i looked forward to these hours where i could cuddle with him and feed him and spend some type of quality time. we spent the entire day at the hospital and would leave to sleep around 10pm but, i'd still get up and pump every 3hrs to make sure he had some milk for his feedings when we weren't around. the week seem to drag on forever. we were counting down the days until he could come home.

the drive home with him in the car was surreal!


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