and then there was Thrush...

Apparently one of the most common things that can happen while breastfeeding is a case of the Thrush. I hadn't learned about this before having the baby but boy did i learn about it when it hit full force in our home.

about 7 weeks postpartum i started feeling a burning type feeling while breastfeeding the baby and i knew that something was up. i hadn't been in pain since about week 3 when the initial pain went away. i learned that i had THRUSH *dun, dun, dun* (a yeast infection in my milk ducts) i'm not joking when i say it's painful and very annoying. i took about 2 rounds of the heavy stuff because the pain was intense. two rounds is about a month of this stuff. but wait, that's not all...

i had to change my diet significantly, cutting out sugars, dairy, flour/wheat. yeah as you can see that cuts out a lot of food items. i guess the positive thing about it all was the significant weight loss i incurred, about 5lbs that first week (many compliments i have received on the instant loss)

this is tough because breastfeeding alone cuts away 500calories a day and here i am not eating the carb-loaded foods i'm used to and missing it oh so much. although i did discover Almond Milk... YUM!

Enzo got it in his mouth too... the transfer back and forth between us two is ridiculous. this is one of the main reasons why it's so difficult to treat and go away. i've had to throw away his pacifiers, disinfect all his bottles and all the pump parts i use on a daily. i wash all our clothes and his on the hottest water setting with a rinse of vinegar to kill this nasty beast.

after a month of the heavy duty stuff it felt like it had gone away but instead i believe it was just dormant because here i am (week 14 postpartum) and BAM its back. yeah, i'm sitting here typing this at 4am because i just finished nursing the baby and my boobs are in pain. i've tried like every home remedy you can think of and the heavy duty stuff, ointments, diet changes, suppliments and it's still around. this Thrush is a tricky little sucker!!!

one of the most difficult things about it is the Why, and How. i don't know how i got it in the first place and no one really knows the answer. so how do i avoid it in the future?? many women who get it are usually prone to it meaning this may not be the last time i see it in my life. THIS SUCKS!! Why?? this has left me considering stopping breastfeeding all together. it's sad it really is because i wasn't considering formula at all. the truth is i really don't want to stop nursing him i just find it so difficult to put him through all these medications to stop us from reinfecting each other.

now you can see how i haven't had much time to blog because the daily routine of medications/disinfecting/washing/feeding/pumping/working/nursing is a bit much at the moment and i'm trying to find some balance and peace through this all.



D said…
Poor momma! And poor Enzo! That sounds terrible :( Hope it all gets better soon!

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