the Turbo button

Some of the best memories I have of my dad are when he would take us to school in the mornings. if we had time he would sometimes stop at the donut shop and let us pick out a yummy treat with a carton of milk. other times when we were running a bit late we would count the seconds when the green lights would change. i once asked my dad how the green light knew which direction he had to turn. he would tell me he would mentally tell the light to let him go left so when the light switched to green there was this arrow pointing in the direction he needed to turn. i would think, whoa my dad has some awesome powers.

i will never forget our super car {1981 Toyota Celica} when we would be running late to school my dad would ask whoever was in the front seat to press the turbo button to speed the car up. he would count to three, i'd push the button and BAM the car would go turbo speed. i'm telling you it was a super car or possibly it was us having seen too much of Back to the Future because that turbo button was actually just the clock reset and that turbo speed was just my dad putting his foot down on the accelerator.

those are just some examples of the parent i want to be. a parent who will let their kid's imagination run wild. i hope one day i can show Enzo how to use the Turbo button in my car.


D said…
hahahah my dad would tell us the same thing about the street lights!!!

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