1 month in

i've been officially Thrush free for a month now. i've been waiting to update on this because i didn't want to speak too soon. i'm sure you understand the way jinxing works.

so we finally broke free from that thrush monster. one of the toughest things to deal with while nursing a baby. just google it and you will see tons of forums with women dealing with the horrible pain while breastfeeding. so what you may ask got rid of it? Gentian Violet. yup, this little $2 bottle of purple magic. i don't mean to make light of it because any sort of medicine should not be taken lightly. Gentian Violet was what was used for this sort of thing long before AntiFungal medicines were being prescribed and still being used when most medications can't fight the resistant strain of infection.

all the literature told me to use it once a day for 4 days... well i did and it still wasn't quite gone yet. so i called the lactation nurse and she told me when she had thrush long ago with her son, they were told to go 7 days worth of treatment. so i decided to try it, what was 3 more days right? and it worked


i didn't want to get too happy but after two weeks i had to finally give in and celebrate with a big piece of chocolate cake. as for baby Enzo... he's been nursing just fine with no pain at all. well, he has started teething so there might be some pain... if you know what i mean.



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