condensing my belongings

for the last week or so i've been going through everything in my house and getting rid of A)stuff that we've had for over 5 years B)junk and C)stuff that i've avoided going through for far too long.

it's amazing how much you can seriously condense. i mean i have about 3 plastic drawer containers full of stuff/junk and i was able to get it all into one of those containers. i mean wow, why had i not done this before. i now have so much more space.

i started in my closet and then moved to my office. my office was the worst of it because it's my office and sewing room. i have tons of scrap fabric that i've been keeping around and honestly, if i haven't used it i probably never will so it got tossed. well i'm not trashing it, i'm actually going to donate most of it to my work... yup.

i want to go to sleep but my office looks like a tornado ran straight through it. so i need to clean up before i sleep.

i know its not very exciting but that's the way my day has been, not very exciting.



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