fall into the Gap

i've mentioned my love for theGap on this here blog before. i've always loved their preppy style and creative commercials but my love for them grew even more yesterday. why you may ask?

there was an event invitation going around facebook yesterday announcing the Friday giveaway of a free pair of jeans. all you had to do was 'check in' via Places App on facebook. Free Jeans??? Heck Yes!!!

i knew i had to get there early because i knew there would be a line, the mall is less than a mile from my house. i woke up, fed the baby, got both of us dress and we headed out. once i parked in the structure i hit the 'check in' status on facebook on my lovely iPhone. why was i not able to check in? oh well i headed into the mall anyway.

as i turned the corner from the store i noticed there weren't many people near the store so i thought... Wow, maybe not many people in this area knew about the jean giveaway, SCORE! wait, i still had to check in after all that's how i was going to win my free pair of jeans.

as i walked up to the store i still couldn't find the location... OHHH they must have moved because the storefront was closed off, renovations maybe? so i headed to the directory board and checked for their new location in the mall. ok, maybe the board wasn't updated. so i go on to Google search and look up the phone number for the store and call it. "The number you have dialed is no longer in service"


i missed out on my free pair of jeans because theGap decided to close their store nearest me without so much as a phone call, seriously?? ok sure why would they call me. i had just been in there in May to browse, obviously nothing in the store fit me at the time other than shoes and accessories. {note: they should really consider a maternity line}

to say i'm bummed out would be an understatement. now i have to travel quite a ways to get to the closest Gap. there's always online shopping i guess

EDIT: apparently there is a Maternity line. so much for that!



D said…
wow - I didn't think it was a real event anyway, but I guess it was!

Although, being the first of 10,000 people to check into Gap, by the time we wake up on the West coast, I'm sure all the jeans have been nabbed by folks checking in on the East coast.

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