Halloween time

Hey it's not midnight yet!

yeah, i had a busy day {and by busy i mean sleep, go to target, eat, and sleep :) }


we celebrated our first Halloween as parents yay! we really wanted to participate as much as we coulde for the kiddo being only 3 months old and all. i mean he's not really going to remember, he'll just look at pictures and call us dorks when he's older. hey, i'm cool with that. i'm very much a dork, geek, nerd etc. etc. and proud of it.

we went through many options of parent/baby combinations and we weren't really ready to spend too much. so i went onto the internets searching for infant costumes and this hot dog costume popped up on ebay for $12. it was brand new with tags from Old Navy (maybe last season?) i loved it, the concept, the price, everything about it was a plus in my book.

so my genius dorky little brain thought "hey, i have a red shirt, you have a yellow shirt... we already have printable fabric" and the rest is history

i felt so bad for the little guy, he wanted out of that costume. it was pretty warm earlier in the day so he was burning up. it wasn't until about 7pm once the sun went down and the cool breeze picked up that he finally felt more comfortable.

he is always so relaxed with his dad

posing with all the ghosts on the front lawn

yeah... he wasn't too amused by this.

we ended up passing out candy the rest of the night. there were large groups of kids out that night, mostly older looking kids... like way older than trick-or-treating age. there weren't many young kids out and about which seemed strange. oh well we gave away all our candy anyway because let's face it i don't want to have candy just lying around. never a good idea, am i right?

we need to plan next year a bit better, i was sewing those labels on the t-shirts the night before. talk about procrastination



D said…
seriously - you guys are so cute! I love the whole idea. Also, feel free to dress your baby in costumes and post pictures..uh... every day. Kids belong in costumes!
Louise said…
This is absolutely hilarious - best team costume I saw this year by far! Geniuses

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