hello November

so many things happening right now it's a bit overwhelming just thinking about them all. this November brings with it many, many things including my anniversary. can you believe it's already been seven years? how time sure flies by so quickly. we will be busy every weekend of this month... we're booked solid. i feel bad for Brian who needs to find a way to sneak a round of golf in somewhere this month. he hasn't played since September and he usually goes about twice a month. he's really missing it.

well we had a super busy weekend filled with Halloween goodness {i'll recap the weekend tomorrow} Enzo's first year celebrating, well technically he was asleep for most of it but still we all had fun. Brian was gone most of last week for some training for work. it was so tough getting through the week without him here, we really really missed him but, we're glad he's back.

i'm really excited for NaBloPoMo and already have some great blog posts in mind so stop by and check me out and please leave me comments... i love to hear what you all have to say. if you're new to my blog let me know, i'd love to know who you are.

hasta maƱana... Happy November



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