i'm shedding

i'm losing so much hair it's ridiculous!!! about mid September i went to get my hair cut/dyed the usual and was told how thick my hair had gotten since getting pregnant. i had noticed... but i just figured it was all the vitamins i was taking. i never took any vitamins before getting pregnant. i would take an Emergen-C every now and then just to keep from getting sick. anyhow, i received a message from a friend of mine who had her babies 2 weeks before me asking if my hair was falling out. she mentioned she was starting to get a bald spot on the side of her head. i told her i had just gone to the salon and noticed how thick and luxurious my hair was so obviously my answer was NOPE. my hair was getting thicker, duh. i had heard from some of my cousins that they lost a lot of hair while nursing their little ones but i was stoked to think i was exempt from this.

i was not. shortly after this conversation with my friend i started noticing my hair fall out in the shower. post pregnancy hormones were doing their thing and taking away this amazing thick hair i had jsut gotten used to. i started getting a couple of bald spots and my hairline decided to recede. this is the strangest thing ever. i mean, it's supposed to grow back, hair has a growth cycle and all so i'm crossing my fingers and hoping it's soon. i've been wearing a lot of head bands to try and cover said bald spots

the funniest part of this whole situation is seeing Brian getting all the hair that has fallen off and remained in my hairbrush and setting it on his head like a comb over. i would share a picture but he'd probably never forgive me for it.



D said…
oh my goodness...I had no idea this happened! I already loose SO MUCH HAIR all the time! I don't have any to spare! I'm going to be bald after we have kids.

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