laundry... i can't seem to catch up

it's amazing how much clothes a baby can go through. i seem to always be doing laundry and haven't quite been able to get a laundry routine down. we still have our own laundry, clothes, towels and cloth diapers too. i seem to do laundry a lot.

i've been able to schedule cloth diapers every other day and then one load of our laundry with one load of the baby's laundry on the opposite day of diapers. i just can't seem to get it all put away yet.

exhibit A

this glider is for gliding not clothing collection. i have been unable to sit on this chair for a whole week because it always has something on it and that something is never anything that should be on it.

i'm taking any suggestions on laundry routines... what works for you?



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