my internet is back

it's amazing how much i don't get done because i'm always on the internets. not having internet for the last 4 days showed me that i really need to get off the web. i'm a procrastinator for sure and we have way too many loads of dirty laundry for me to be hanging out on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, etc.

i'm still here though and spent the entire day catching up on so much i've missed. it's almost impossible to catch up on all of my favorite sites. i always feel like i'm missing out on something. not to mention that people get upset that i don't respond to them on facebook... it's pretty easy to miss something on that thing and people just take it much too personally.

we also have our cable back. i've missed a few of my shows from the last week, bummer. thank goodness for the internet i was able to catch up on them too. how ever did we survive without DVRs?

tomorrow is friday... FRIDAY. we are officially celebrating our anniversary tomorrow. Brian is taking me on a surprise date meanwhile my mom takes care of the baby for the night. it will be the first time we go out without the baby. it's bittersweet because i really miss going out but i know i'm going to miss my baby like crazy.

and now for some sleep... goodnight.


D said…
procrastination is good. (but I'm biased... and procrastinating right now.)

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