the Pumpkin Patch

i've never been to a pumpkin patch, at least not that i remember. my family wasn't big on celebrating Halloween because i really don't remember carving pumpkins every year or anything of the sort. i just remember my mom making us our costumes. mostly it was any type of costume she could make out of a box. i have been a present, domino, die, and many other things i can't recall at this moment. despite not celebrating it when i was a kid i've come to really enjoy this holiday as an adult. it's actually one of my favorites. still as an adult i had yet to go to a pumpkin patch so i figured now that i had a baby what better excuse to go right?!

kiddo wasn't amused much with all the autumn goodies

his first Halloween and our first {definitely not last} trip to the pumpkin patch

we didn't actually get a pumpkin to carve, we were so busy this weekend we didn't have time to get all creative/messy/what have you but next year we're really going to plan out the pumpkin patch and carving a little bit better.



Casey :) said…
I see a new tradition for your family in the future! How fun!

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