take the picture again

last month i went into the DMV to renew my license and it just arrived in the mail. my first mistake was not making an appointment because after almost 4hrs of waiting i was not a happy camper. why does the DMV always give me the creeps?

anyway.. they finally called my number and i went up to the counter to put in my paperwork and pay the renewal fee. the lady asked if everything was correct on the form height, weight, etc. i said yes, "why does it look like i gained weight, be honest?" i got nothing from her, not even a blink. so i said "it was a joke, i was just joking" she handed me my receipt and told me to head to the photo window. geeze people take a joke. i mean i can take a joke, after all i've been waiting for over 3hrs here... obviously i can take a joke.

and then... and then, the best part of the day, my photo. so i stand in place and the girl says "i'm taking the picture" so i smile all cute and stuff and it seems like she's taking awhile so i stop smiling to ask "did you take it" and at the same time i did that she say's "one, two, three" so quickly that i had to react quick and she caught me like this:

i told her that i thought i had my eyes shut because she took it so fast. i asked if she could take it again then she looked on the screen and said "it looks fine, you don't need to take another one" WHAT A BITCH!

i knew at that moment that my photo was going to be a doozy. why do i look so scared?? or better yet why do my eyes look like i'm evil and about to take over the world?

so that was it, i have to live with this picture for the next few years. i mean can i get the picture retaken for vane reasons?



D said…
HAHAHAHAHHAHA! That picture isn't so bad, but I love your DMV story!

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