where have i been?

i officially suck at blogging on a daily basis. every time i planned on sitting down and typing up a great story someone or something would interrupt. well, mostly it was the baby wanting my attention.

Weekend Recap:

Saturday - we started out the day with a quick breakfast then headed to the mall. i needed to buy a gift for my cousin celebrating her bachelorette. i also needed to find Brian something for a family photoshoot we were going to have on Sunday.
the Bachelorete... oh my goodness. it was a bit much for me, i mean i'm no prude but wow inihibitions out the window from so many of my family members, that was quite strange to see. the food was delicious and i actually had a margarita although i was totally nervous about it knowing that the baby needed to nurse later on when i got home. i ended up pumping and dumping, blah.

- we had such a nice sleep in, all three of us on a great Sunday morning. we had a 2pm photoshoot with the whole fam bam. it was a Christmas theme shoot. we hadn't had a family photoshoot since the disaster shoot of 2007. we needed a complete update with the new addition in the family. there were some great shots and i can't wait to get the complete set. we went grocery shopping for the week all under $100.

- i made some yummy chili and cornbread for dinner. i also continued the unpacking. i'm hoping to be done by next weekend. wishful thinking.



Casey :) said…
cant wait to see the pictures! Im sure they turned out awesome.

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