Ob-la-di, ob-la-da,

life goes on brah... Lala how the life goes on

i never intended to be away so long, really i didn't. as the holidays approached we just got busier and busier, then throw a wedding in there and it was insane. i guess i couldn't have picked a better day to return either. today marks the 6 month birthday for my little Enzo. Six months... half a year. i had my son half a year ago. that is cray cray.

speaking of cray cray (my new favorite phrase) how much do i have to catch up on over here... tons. it's hard not to bombard this post with all my updates but seriously so much to tell. part of my resolutions this new year is to be more consistent with this here blog. i also have a few other resolutions that i need to share in order to keep myself accountable. all in due time. i'm not one to make resolutions but this year it seemed pretty necessary. i have so much to talk about from the last month with my new Stay at Home Mom title, it will have to wait. oooh the suspense.

anyhow... Happy New Year and see you soon!

Picture of Winter Wear Enzo just for fun!



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