on the move

right after Christmas Enzo started picking up some sweet crawling moves. he started with some planks then started doing some push ups. finally he started thrusting himself forward like a little army guy/inch worm. Shortly before the New Year we were on my bed and before you know it he had rolled over and fell off the bed.

YES he fell off the bed. It was one of those like super slow motion type moments where all i heard was the thump. i couldn't get up fast enough to grab him and when he started crying i realized he hurt himself. he fell on a box of folders and papers and got a huge gash on the side of his face.

poor baby

I felt like the most horrible mom ever... like, officially failing as a mom. i then started hearing from almost every mom i knew that things like this would happen and telling me worse stories than mine. OK okay, maybe i started to feel a bit better but still sad at the idea of my baby and his first official scar. he cried all of 2 minutes then went on with his day like usual as if nothing ever happened.

then all of a sudden he started really moving, and moving fast with his main motivation being our iPhones. Yeah we have an Apple baby already here is proof

we need to start baby proofing the house.



D said…
aww... poor kiddo. Stuff like that happens though, that's why I hear babies bounce. :)

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