staying home or working

So, i'm not sure if anyone elsed noticed this but now that i'm actually home i've had less time to actually blog. i mean you would think i would have more time but i never took into account that for 5-8hrs a day someone else would watch the baby. now i'm that someone which leaves no time to sit and type up all my stories. i have plenty of stories to tell but my me time has turned into me sleeping time. i've been so exhausted trying to get everything done in the house, keeping up with laundry and playing with the baby. i want to keep up with my blogging because i find it a great outlet and all but i guess the only way i can keep it up is if i leave the house.

now, i must be honest... not working is great. i'm not lazy or anything (ok maybe i can be lazy occasionally) but being home is fantastic, minus the not getting paid thing. taking care of my kiddo is enough payment because seriously i would not want to miss any of this stuff. seeing my baby boy smile at me every morning when he wakes up, then cuddle with me when he gets tired and giggle every time i sign "milk" makes all this exhaustion totally worth it.

i miss working at times (obviously not all the time), so fortunately i will be able to head back in a few months.



Hope everything is going well! I think it is a great thing that you get to stay home with little man while you can :)
Before I was staying at home with Parker I imagined a shiny, clean house and fresh dinners every day. But now I realize that staying at home (although amazing) does not equal a perfectly kept home!

Have fun with him while you're home :)

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