syncing between two computers - Apple edition

i was thinking the other day why i've been having so much trouble blogging and it finally hit me. i upload all my photos and videos to my iMac and mainly use my macbook for internetting. you see, the iMac is in the baby's room and most times when he is down for a nap i want to avoid waking him up so i stay out of his room.

no iMac = no new photos for the blog

so i started doing some interent searches on synching systems, a way to copy my entire photo library without having to sit for hours with two computers hooked up right next to each other.

this is where iPhoto Library Manager comes in.

oh my goodness has this been a huge life saver. what it does is merge my two libraries. so if i need to upload pictures onto my macbook because the baby is sleeping i can then merge them to the iMac at the same time so both computers will have the exact same pictures.

i love LOVE love using my iMac because it's huge and easy to edit pictures and videos and watch Netflix movies. i just find it easier to move around the house toting my macbook around and interneting wherever i please.

so if you have this problem do yourself a favor and check them out. it's totally worth the cost of the software. plus, if you find a coupon code it comes out to about $16.

i already have my calendars/emails and such synced between both computers and iPhone
{yes, i'm an Apple snob}

on that note... need to sync up your calendars/address/bookmarks, use FRUUX it's the bees knees



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