my work uniform

with most jobs comes some sort of uniform. at my first job i had to wear a purple shirt with white pants. Haha white pants, can you believe that? the only reason i continued working there was because it came with a free gym membership. after that i vowed never to work anywhere that required me to wear a uniform. i felt like a drone wearing what everyone else was wearing... it didn't let me feel unique. i guess i blame this on 12 years of school uniforms.

so far this has worked in my favor... i mean other than having to wear all black while working backstage and stuff. until now i never realized that being a SAHM had a uniform, well it does. at least i'm considering it a uniform.

you see, my uniform consists of a t-shirt and sweat pants/yoga pants. it's pretty great until i have to run an errand. i have the option to go like this or change into something not so 'home chic' and i've done the following: stay in my 'home chic' look and just pretend i got back from the gym.
who would know otherwise, right? can you believe i justify this? it's become ridiculous, i need to change this. it was supposed to be my new year resolution. i am supposed to get dressed in presentable clothes on the daily, maybe even a dress! i also included makeup in this resolution. i need to look like i'm actually awake too or alive for that matter.

now i need to follow through on my uniform vow. basically i'm refusing to wear my home uniform on a daily. sure i can have days where 'home chic' is just what the doctor ordered but i can't get too comfortable. and oh how i love my comfort.

usually i would have added accessories to this list but seriously, you try wearing accessories while holding a 7 month old. we'll just see how things go.



Casey :) said…
haha, I have your same 'home chic' uniform as well, and I don't even have a baby yet! Maybe I shouldn't have admitted that? haha oh well!

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