what's up blog world

i'm still here i promise. can you tell i've updated some things around here, new header... cute right?

so we've been sick around here... first it started with Enzo, he had a fever along with a runny/stuffy nose and a cough. then Brian got what he had and i do believe i am catching it too.. sore throat anyone?

Enzo started up again with a fever this week but his Ped. said it could be that he is teething. yikes.

i'm putting MEIA {marci explains it all} on my priority list this coming month... March! i know i said i would blog consistantly but obviously having a set time to blog each day wasn't quite happening these last few days.

i have some great things to share with the blogoshpere, in bullet point:
  • an update on cloth diapering
  • weekly video updates (vlogging baby)
  • sewing tutorials (getting crafty)
  • and so much more (i'm sure i'll come up with something)
for now though if you want to keep up with my daily micro-blogging/weightloss (i have to laugh because seriously, what weight loss?) on my Tumblr LosingWins
until next time


Casey :) said…
ooo sewing tutorials! I am trying to get crafty as well. I wanted to attempt knitting but I have two sewing machines (one is vintage but still works) so I cant wait for those!
Teresa said…
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