i have major beef when it comes to heels on shoes. i'm no shoe designer or anything and i get that some shoes are considered 'art'. i just like shoes to be pleasant to look at, aesthetically pleasing if you will.

one of my biggest peeves are boots, let us take a look
this heel looks too chunky for the boot

these on the other hand are a little more slim and fit the boot much better.

it's these simple things. i just need to see i nice heel. i feel like the 90s were the big offenders of this (the 70s being the biggest offenders but i wasn't alive then). remember those obnoxious chunky heels on every pair of shoes?? sure i owned a couple of those types of shoes before i saw that they made me look like some odd version of Herman Munster with jumbo feet that just didn't fit right.

other dont's...

ok, end rant


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