wrestle much?

i've been feeling somewhat sore lately, on my arms, back and stomach. you would think i've been working out or something. unless you call changing diapers a workout, then yes.

i'm sure i'm not the only one to experience this but why in the world has it become so exhausting to change Enzo's diaper. it's feels like wrestling an aligator. i set him down on his changing table and instantly the spinning begins. he starts turning onto his belly and then i pick him up and place him on his back. then he starts turning around again this time he tries to crawl off the table. i grab him quick style and get him on his back again. i have to give him some sort of toy to distract him from wanting to crawl off the table while i change his diaper. so as i'm about to button up his diaper he decides to turn around again. so we have a half naked booty baby trying to crawl away. i've had to become like a ninja to get him changed. this is only the beginning. trying to even get clothes on him is another crazy task all together. the kid is strong, so i'm not completely surprised i'm getting a workout from all this diaper changing wrestling.

basically what i'm thinking is that i'm going to be pretty ripped by the end of this year all because i can change a diaper. i'll be selling tickets to the gun show pretty soon. start lining up people.



D said…
hahah I read that people in 3rd world countries potty train their babies before they can walk because they don't have the convenience of diapers. Maybe it's really because putting a diaper on wiggly baby is too much of a hassle in the first place!
Marci said…
YES! i will be posting about my attempt of early potty training. oh geeze, it's hilarious.

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