going King

it's been a hot second since we bought our very first mattress as a newlywed couple. it's a queen.
there's a long story on why we bought a queen mattress but i will give you the short version. when we got married we kept my mattress which was a full and 'someone' stated how small the full was so the husband then decided that this someone's opinion was absolutely correct. we went out and purchased a brand new mattress that week. UGGGGH spending money we really didn't need to be spending because duh, as newlyweds who really needs all that space anyway, right?  Right! moving on...

so here i sit typing this post on my 7yr old mattress thinking it's about time for an upgrade. i love this bed i really do it's been the best most comfiest bed i've ever had. it's just that in the last few months it's gotten a bit tight around here. the kiddo always ends up in our bed sometime during the middle of the night and 2.5 people in a queen is tough. sure we could lose a few inches around our bellies to save on space but really, a king would be lovely!

just last week we were away for a mini vacay and the hotel we stayed at had a king size bed. it was glorious!!!! all that space (i'm totally a diagonal sleeper) to sprawl out, oh how fantastic!

we figure since we are already cosleeping with the kiddo, why not get that extra space anyway. seems like a win/win to me.

{totes not our feet but cute right}

now to find the right mattress... i'm starting to feel like the princess and the pea.  We're going King baby.


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