to post or not to post

i've been in a bit of a struggle when it comes to blogging.  a struggle with myself and a struggle with my husband. you see, we have a bit of a conflict when it comes to the baby and posting about him online.

it's really tough because i feel like sure it's no big deal there are tons of mommy bloggers out there what harm could it do right? on the other hand there is my husband who feels like so much of our lives are open to the public and we need to be very cautious about what we put out there. he totally has a point and i know that he is right.

now, i can continue blogging about myself but now that my life revolves around the baby and being a SAHM what else is there to blog about.

i already feel like i have to edit myself every time i write something or tweet or status update. so where do i draw the line?

i want to continue blogging because i love sharing my stories with the universe (you guys). so here i go not as many pictures of the kiddo but enough to get the point across.


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