i want to go Home

it's been a tough few months for us. there are days where i just don't feel quite right. i don't feel like i'm where i'm supposed to be. since we moved in November it hasn't felt like home. i really miss our house, it was so comfortable there and i'm not sure we'll feel like that for awhile.

we've been feeling like we're in this state of limbo. what will our next move be? who knows... i mean seriously, who the hell knows. i just want to be settled down and not worry about tomorrow. is that even possible?

i have this longing to be home but, i have no idea where that is. i want to just break away from this feeling but nothing seems to make it better. i'm not completely ungrateful. i am glad we have each other and family by our side, for that i am truly grateful. as long as we have each other... that's all that matters anyway. still, we search for that place that will feel like home again.


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