where the internet takes a backseat

motherhood is awesome. i look at my little boy on the daily and think "I can't believe I'm his mom." that is not to say that it doesn't come with it's challenges. everyone always tells you that it only gets harder but honestly i'm having fun. ok that's not completely honest... most days i have fun. it is tough and i do get exhausted but at the end of the day i get to hold my baby boy as he starts going to sleep and it's the best.
the first few months were easy because he slept and slept. i was able to do laundry, clean the house, blog, internet... i even worked. solid foods changed the game. no longer could i just feed him anywhere, things had to be just right. high chair, perfectly heated food and even then you would never know. we had a schedule to keep which cut back my time to do other things. at this point i was able to do laundry and internet.
the last few months when walking/toddling started, it is what really shifted my schedule. babyproofing took over our house and even still that wasn't 100%. i was left with time only to do laundry.  my google reader started showing 400+ unread blogs. i just couldn't keep up. i just don't have the time i used to have for the internet.

i honestly don't know how most mom bloggers do it. how do you keep your sanity at home and keep up with the internet and all the goodies that come with it?

there are some days that i feel i need to take pictures because i need to blog or post on facebook or twitter. truthfully, i don't need to do a damn thing but enjoy life and if i happen to capture a moment on camera, i might just share it with the world. so for now, i'm going to live my wonderful and sometimes challenging life and not feel horribly guilty that i'm somehow not keeping up with all the other moms out there. i used to really enjoy blogging and sharing my stories but as of late, it's been like a chore. i really don't want this to become a chore.

{note: it took me 4 days to get this post done, just fyi}


Cynthia said…
I love how you said you don't have to do it. So true. I go to bed feeling guilty some nights about not doing things I feel like I should be doing but really I don't NEED to do those things. The time goes by so fast and I just want to do more things with my girls and enjoy them while they're at home with me. Before I know it they'll be starting school (tear). Thanks for this post... sometimes it's nice to know I'm not the only mom that feels this way.

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