the tale of the toenail

i always wear shoes that are too small. it's a really bad habit of mine. i have this image thing... i need to make my feet look smaller. i don't have excessively large feet or anything, i wear a women's 8.5 but when i look down i feel like they look better in smaller shoes.
well, a couple weeks ago we were walking around Disneyland and my big toe on the right foot started feeling sore. this is my bigger foot. do you have a foot that's bigger than the other? if you said no, you are plain out lying. EVERYONE has a foot that is bigger than the other, somehow. mine used to be the left but after having Enzo this switched. how this happened i do not know but pregnancy does strange things to your body.
anyhow, we walked all day long and once we got into the car i took my shoes off right away. OMG, to my surprise my toenail seemed to be lifting up. how on earth does that happen????!  i thought, whatever it only feels sore and isn't bleeding so it must not be that bad, i'll deal with it when i get home.  once we got home, i went to lay Enzo in his crib... poor guy was so tired. it was pitch black and as i started to walk out the door BAM hit the toe straight on the doorjamb (not to be confused with toe jam... eww, sorry for that one.) i ran out of the room as fast as possible because the scream i was holding back would wake the baby and I WILL NOT WAKE THE BABY.  the blood gushing out of my toe was ridiculous and the throbbing pain, absolutely horrible. my toenail was flapping off of my toe. no, i didn't take pictures because really who wants to see that?  it is the creepiest of creepiest feelings.

sorry i had to link to something so you could get an idea. are you done puking yet? ok, i'll wait.

it's summer, and i'm currently wearing a bandaid over my big toe so i don't disgust anyone myself. i no longer have a toenail there and i've been told it takes almost a year for your nails to grow back completely.  have i mentioned how excited i am to be wearing more closed toe shoes now that fall is upon us? (because i totally am)

maybe i'll start wearing my actual shoe size... maybe


Anonymous said…

poor toe :(

even with a sleeping baby i don't know if i could have controlled my screams....i don't do blood well....or pain.....but especially not the two combined!
D said…

Hope your toe recovers soon!!!

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