For the Love of Pinterest

one of the coolest websites i've ever come across. i thought Tumblr was cool but Pinterest is cooler. ok, i still love Tumblr but i just love how the search function works on Pinterest more. one of my most recent "Pinterest Projects" was this lovely thing as my friends shower approached, i figured i'd give it a try. here is how it turned out....

3 short sleeve white onesies
3 long sleeve white onesies
1 pack of pink/green washcloths
1 fish washcloth pack
3 short sleeve colored onesies
1 pack of colorful socks
1 spool black paper ribbon
1 kids food tray

Cover in Cling Wrap, add some chopsticks, raffia ribbon and personalized the Ingredients tag.

I bought most of these items at Target.  I think it was a great success

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