Trying to figure it all out

i've been here and there and everywhere lately. i'm trying to figure out where my blogging fits in this sphere-o-blogs. if you didn't know already, i have a weightloss blog and a "mommy"blog over on Tumblr. i find their blogging system/interface (sorry don't know all the tech terms for such things) so easy to use and it really suits my blogging style.
my blogging style - short, to the point mini essays longer than 140 characters, shorter than a novel.
 i just feel like it works better for me over there but i would hate to leave this blog that i've had going for many years now (almost 5 years). so this is my problem. i feel really divided having so many different platforms and i never know how to keep it all straight. i want to figure a way to get all of my blogs on the same page and it could be like a Choose Your Own Adventure type thing. so once i figure it all out i will be a bit better about updating on here because i have a bunch of tutorial type posts and possible vlogs that don't quite fit into Weightloss/Mommy blogs. oy.

Also... i'm a Libra and can help many people make decisions but i'm really bad at making my own decisions. it's a curse.

Just in case you were wondering....


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