title: Unknown

i'm pretty unsure of what to post on here these days. it could be some form of writers block preventing me from posting. it could be that more people read this little blog than i ever expected. let me rephrase that. it could be that more people i know IRL (in real life) read this little blog. i know it shouldn't matter but it kind of does.

there is always this strange feeling of seeing friends out and knowing that they've read my thoughts online but not quite spoken to me about them. so many people know more about me than i would expect. i could track who reads my blog or i could just continue to post not caring who reads what i have to say. so for now, i have decided to remove all trackers and delete all "follower" widgets to get my mind back.

please feel free to leave comments because i always love feedback. i just know for my sanity, it's easier not knowing who has taken a peek at my writings and not mentioned a damn thing to me.


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