our life in storage

we've been living out of storage for the last 1.5 years. we moved out of our lovely home because we just could not keep up mortgage payments and the bank was not responding to our calls for help. i don't normally share this much information with the internet but the reality is, we lost our home. along with having a kid and losing our home i feel like i've been in this fog for the last 2 years. i guess you could possibly tell by my most recent posts or lack there of. 

not all of this news is bad news. we took the opportunity this last year to pay off a big chunk of our debt while living with my parents. most recently we found a wonderful and affordable (key word) townhouse and moved in. by recently i mean 4 months ago. we moved in the middle of a semester which means i had absolutely no time to really organize our stuff. we haven't even brought everything over from storage, just the necessities. i'm tired of this, really i am. every time i need something it seems to be over in storage but i've grown tired of taking trips to search through box after box not quite finding what i really need.

this weekend is the weekend we finally clear out our storage unit and bring our stuff home.  it's time to get myself out of this fog and out of a $100/month storage payment.  money we could be saving instead of throwing into a cold, dark and dusty place.

i'm ready to hit the refresh button on this moment of our lives.


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