so where do i begin? i am obsessed with notebooks, planners, and calendars. i've found when i don't have a planner or calendar around to check what the day has to bring, i'm completely lost. i usually like to take some time out of my Sunday night and write up what i'm going to be doing that week and adding important dates to the rest of the calendar.  the type of job i have basically leads me to have at least 6 months planned out. having my work schedule all lined up for those months ahead really structures the rest of my family/friend time.
in the last 2 years since becoming a mom, i've had some trouble coming up with a scheduled routine using a planner. things change on a constant. well isn't that funny?  "the only thing constant, is change"  i have tried to keep my schedule on my phone but somehow it is not the same as just writing a quick note on paper. i'm currently working on a meal plan calendar. it's been so hard because we have a house full of picky eaters which makes shopping terribly expensive. now to tighten up our belts we need to really stick to a meal plan that works on our taste buds and our wallets. Any tips on meal planning?


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