anger management

i went into LensCRAPters again today and talked to them about my sunglass situation. they told me to try on any pair of sunglasses i wanted and as much as i wanted to pick out the most expensive ones i couldn't. none of the expensive ones looked good on me and dammit if i'm getting a new 'free' pair of prescription sunglasses they better look good!!! these are the ones i chose

they were the ones that closely resembled the originals which i have since super glued back together (lets hope i can make them stay stuck)

i went back in to pick them up and they seemed ok so i signed for them, the true test was driving in the sun... FAIL!! why did they not seem to be protecting my eyes, maybe because the gradient was not dark enough. i went back AGAIN for the 5th time of the day and complained once again. i picked up the sample glasses from the rack and compared... not even the same gradient from the sample pair. so once again they said they would fix them and now i have to go back tomorrow to pick them up. why must this be so difficult?? i'm not a complete bitch or anything i just want things to be right after all they owe me right??

*end RANT*


D said…
YIKES!!! so after all this you are NEVER going back again, right?
Marci said…
well i have one more thing... my contact lenses, they still don't have the right prescription. so now i'm just waiting for them to get me the right trial pair so i can FINALLY order some contacts!!!

as soon as i'm done with that, i'm never going back AGAIN!!

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