YOU will pay

i'm pretty POed about the situation i had to deal with today.... its actually a situation that i've been dealing with for the last 3 weeks.

i went to LensCrafters to get my eyes checked and get new frames, i also wanted to update my contact lens prescription too, ok done. WOW do they charge an arm and a leg for a check-up. so i decided that once i was done here i'd never return, especially with their cattle approach to business... move them in and move them out. yeah i felt like a damn number and not a patient. i was told my glasses would be ready in 2 weeks and my trial contacts (thank goodness i order them online) would be in at the same time GREAT, just in time for Comic Con.

fast forward 2 weeks, my glasses and contacts are in... once again i'm just a number and waiting for my number to be called. 15min later (seriously, whats the point of making an appointment?????) i tried my contacts on, So Blurry! i asked them what the prescrpt. was and i told them that it would be impossible because my old one was stronger. they kept telling me i didnt know that. HELLO, these are my eyes and yes i do know something about my odd shaped eyes!! (astigmatism) So they figured it out and told me they had to order a new trial pair... now to try on my glasses :) as soon as i put them on i had the worst pinching feeling behind my left eye!!! :( i removed them and told them that there was no way that was the correct prescription, they kept telling me i was wrong. it took about 2hrs to get them to check the lenses and compare them to my old lenses to finally tell me it was the polycarbonate lens that was causing this awful pull so they would change it to a plain plastic lens. at first i was irritated because i thought it would take another 2 weeks then they told me it would only take 1hr in the lab onsite plus the refunded $85 for the change!!! amazing how they never gave me the 'plastic' option at first huh!

1 hour later i had my new glasses and they seemed to be great! then 1 week passes and my new contacts are in... i'm pretty fed up with having to go back to a place i refuse to return to but alas here i go again. while i wore my new glasses for a week i noticed some double vision while reading a book close up so i mention this to them and they took a good look, figured it out and will be fixing this problem :) not too bad. Then i tried on my new contacts FAIL once again they were blurry. WTF why can they not get this right??? the left eye was crystal clear but the right was hurting so they changed it once again and are making me come back for another trial in a week. i ask myself, what did i do to deserve this?? But wait... thats not all

So, i took out my prescription sunglasses, my vintage Dior sunglasses and asked them if they could help me fit the left side because it was digging into the back of my ear. I should have known better... as they took them to work on them everything seemed to be going ok, then i hear a SNAP.

Yes, broken... this girl had broken my sunglasses, rare, one of a kind sunglasses!!! she broke the side i didnt even ask her to work on... i told her the left and she broke the right side!!! she said that they would give me a complimentary pair of sunglasses for this mishap. i know its not the same but at this point i figured i'd take them up on it since i did just pay for these 2yrs ago. interesting thing though... the glasses i wanted to get were not within the budget they allowed. So what they are saying is they can break my vintage sunglasses but can't give me equal value on them. i left there so angry i was shaking. NEVER AGAIN!!

once i'm done with this company, im done for good!!!


D said…
WOW! I'd be so pissed! Don't let it go!!!
Angela said…
WRITE TO CORPORATE! a long, lengthy, email. and let them know that you have reviewed their services on your blog - that's a big thing to companies these days, trust me. they seek out bloggers to promote stuff, so they also want to make sure bloggers aren't saying anything detrimental to their business. also, do not let go of the fact that the girl broke your vintage glasses (i can't believe it!!!) and wouldn't give you a replacement worth the same. that is unacceptable! that's like ordering a large pizza and them saying that they dropped it on the floor and made you a small one instead because hey, that's all they're allowed to do! BS!!! i'm so angry for you!

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