moving on up... or something like that

no internet, no tv, barely any food and way too much work.

we moved this weekend. it's a long story and i really don't feel like getting too much into that. we ended up moving and we have no internet or cable until Thursday. i'm currently "borrowing" my neighbors weak wifi.

i hate moving... all our things seem to be in the garage and never where we actually need them. boxes and boxes of crap. remember i was condensing my belongings the other day? this is why. have i mentioned how much i hate moving? No, well i do.

this was the worst time to move too because i'm working every evening this week. this means pump pump pumping for the baby and not getting enough sleep. add that to a super sore body from running items down the stairs every few minutes. hey, at least i got my workout in right? now to get everything put in some type of order.

sleep? i miss you



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